About Us

About the online biz protege

Over a number of years I’ve developed a strong interest in mastering digital marketing and online business. My initial curiosity in the digital space came during a position I had been working in as a business coach advising new start ups on launching successful businesses.  I had been a serial entrepreneur and had a commerce degree – the requirements to land the position.  The first glaring shortcoming I had as a coach was I had zero understanding of digital marketing, although I did have a strong grasp of traditional marketing. 

Then one day, around the same time, I was listening to a news report that said for the first time in history spending on digital advertising had surpassed that of traditional print. When I heard this it sparked my curiosity. I concluded for this to take place, there must be considerable more benefits for digital over print.  Entrepreneurs and corporate execs are not typically stupid people and if they were voting on mass with their money by going to digital, I knew it was time to start gaining a better understanding of this world.

My first step was to ask myself where to begin. I did a google search for best places to learn digital marketing for free – I wasn’t yet ready to put out funds for training.  This included blogs, books and podcasts. I came up with a small list (I’ll make this into a future blog post) and after taking small courses that were free, I still felt like I had a lot to learn.  I then started taking courses that were much more thorough for relatively little costs.  During this time I was researching online to find out who had the best reviews for digital training.  One name kept rising to the top – Simplilearn.  After a little more research, I took the leap to sign up with Simplilearn and am currently working towards their “Specialist in Digital Marketing” designation. 

Please feel free to follow my journey as I document in my blog the implementation of the lessons that I learn along the way and the results of those lessons. 

About ME

For most of my life I have been a serial entrepreneur. I have a commerce degree with a major in entrepreneurship and minor in finance.  As mentioned above, I’ve previously held positions as a business coach, business advisor, in addition to a business development manager.